Weiss Powder Application (WPA series)

WPA80/180-SL - Powder scattering machineIf you wish to automate the process of applying powder on heat-transfer sheets, you’ll face many challenges. The variety of different powder brands and unique production conditions serve to complicate the automation process considerably. We took up the challenge for the first time in 1998 and Weiss Machines has since designed several well functional powder applicator machines. Our technology has been refined and perfected over the years. Today, we support the industry with the best powder applicator machines on the market for automated transfer production.

We claim this because we get around the challenge. Our technology takes into account all of the factors that are at play as you seek to increase the production rate and production quality, without compromising your working conditions.

Based on a vacuum principal, our machines feature a unique sheet fixation system to ensure that the printed side of the transfer sheets will not be damaged while it’s processed in the machine. This vacuum principle is essential and it leads to a number of other benefits. The vacuum ensures that the powder stays inside the machine and it’s not spread over the production area. Also, the vacuum allows for a very low level of operational noise. It also allows you to reuse excess powder, while ensuring that the contaminated air is thoroughly filtered using one the market’s top air filtration systems.

If you want to learn more about our powder applicator machines, we invite you to download our Weiss Powder Applicator product sheet.

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