Over the years, we’ve encountered many questions from our clients. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Do you have a distributor in my country?

  • In some cases, we may have a collaboration partner in your country, but many customers find that it’s easier to work with our company directly. We routinely travel out to clients across the globe to install our machines. Working directly with Weiss Machines ensures a positive experience and it also allows us to ensure that the machinery is installed correctly.


Do you install the machinery or are we supposed to install it ourselves?

  • In most cases, we install our machines on-site at the customer’s facility. We do this to ensure that the machinery is installed correctly and performs as designed. On occasion, we encounter a customer who has purchased a similar machine in the past and feels comfortable with the installation process. Both scenarios are fine with us.


Why are your machines more expensive than some other companies’  models?

  • We realize that many focus on the purchase price only, rather than focusing on the big picture and considering the overall production price. We encourage our customers to consider this: what is the advantage of a cheap machine if it delivers a poor quality results and lacks stability and reliability?

    With modesty, we argue that the cheap machines quickly become expensive machines due to a lack of stability and unreliable production. With many years of experience in the industry, we can attest to the fact that the most affordable machine is the one that delivers a consistently high quality product with minimal maintenance costs. This is what motivated us to manufacture high quality machines that are designed to deliver a consistently high quality product year after year, with only minimal maintenance costs.


Do you sell consumer goods such as textiles, transfer paper, adhesive powder, inks, etc.?

  • No, we do unfortunately not. We have experimented with this in the past and realized that we should stick to our core competence of manufacturing quality machinery.

Is it possible to have serviced our machines or buy spare parts?

  • Absolutely. We’re always happy to provide repair services. We do not sell service agreement, but we do perform these services on offer basis. We manufacture all our machines in-house and do have many spare parts in stock. The most commonly required parts are showcased in our online store.