Micro registration for MEDIUM series

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When producing multi colour screen prints the WEISS micro registration is a real time saver. This screen print micro registration is designed to fit the MEDIUM screen print carousel series. With the freedom to move the screen in all horizontal directions the calibration process becomes very easy and fast to manage.

The MEDIUM micro registration can be acquired with the side clamp unit, with the back-screen clampor clean without any clamps.

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The micro registration to the MEDIUM series has all years been the most popular micro registration on the market. It is extremely stable and easy to adjust. The quality of the micro registration ensures an incredible long livelihood, without the stability of it being affected.

The WEISS micro registration is easily adjusted by simply loosen the two center knobs and then adjusting the screen into position by the use of the three adjustment knobs. All handles has a large surface ensuring a good grip.

NOTE: If you have a MEDIUM carousel with side clamps units and want to mount these on MEDIUM micro registrations; you must be aware that the side clamp tube must be replaced to a tube with 220mm distance between the mounting holes. A replacement tube can be purchased here.