Umbrella hold down for screen printing

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The umbrella hold down is designed to fit our series of SMALL and MEDIUM sized screen print carousels. With a simple maneuver the umbrella is locked into position and ready be printed. The hold-down can be aquired with either a 12x15x23cm or 19x20x30cm fiberboard pallet and with or without a telescope to fixate the umbrella handle.

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The umbrella hold down is manufactured in high quality with high precision to ensure a great fixation every time and a long product lifetime. By two knobs the umbrella hold down is easily adjusted to the specific screen print setup. An easy reachable handle is placed on the front of the fixation frame for the operator to quickly handle the process of umbrella change.

As an extra feature you can purchase a telescope to fixate the umbrella knob and by that speed up the process of fixation.