Screen printing arm – SMALL

 164 182 ex. VAT

The screen printing arm utilized on the SMALL screen print carousel is used when upgrading your SMALL carousel to harness more colours. The SMALL carousel base can be installed with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 screen printing arms. The screen printing arms can be purchased with a standard spring or a reinforced spring.

Please read product description below before ordering the specific spring.

The screen printing arm is designed with a closed housing for the screen elevation spring. This closed housing makes the screen printing arm extremely safe and reliable to operate.

The screen printing arm can be purchased with a “Standard” or “Reinforced” spring. Please see the field of application below.

Standard spring:
– Standard aluminum silk screens (Max 62 cm wide)
– The following clamps can be installed: Back clamp, standard side clamp unit, SMALL micro registration with back clamp.

Reinforced spring:
– Heavier silk screens (Max 90cm wide)
– Large and X-Large side clamp unit, SMALL micro registration with any side clamp unit size.

NOTE: The SMALL carousel cannot be installed with 6 screen printing arms with any side clamp unit. If a 6 colour setup is wanted it can only be utilized with either back clamps or with micro registrations with back clamps.