Screen printing arm - MEDIUM

 176 ex. VAT

The screen printing arm utilized on the MEDIUM screen print carousel is used when upgrading your MEDIUM carousel from 4 to 6 colours. The spring tension can with an simple maneuverer be switched over from low to high. This gives a wider range of options when installing heaver screen clamps or silk screens.

Please read product description below before ordering the specific spring.

The screen printing arm is designed with a closed housing for the screen elevation spring. This closed housing makes the screen printing arm extremely safe and reliable to operate.

With s simple maneuver the spring tension can be switched between high and low. This clever design makes the screen printing arm for the MEDIUM series very flexible when installing different screen clamps or heavier silk screens.

NOTE: When upgrading the MEDIUM 4 colour carousel to 6 colours the reinforcement plate has to be replaced as well. Please order the 6 colour reinforcement plate if upgrading from 4 to 6 colours.