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Choose from a wide variety of different options that will ensure the MEDIUM screen print carousel fits your unique production needs.

We create module-based machinery, which allows clients to choose between 4 or 6 screen print arms to elevate the silk screens.

Choose between a back-clamp or side-clamps to affix the silk screens to the print arms. If you prefer, choose to mount the screen clamps on our easy-to-use, highly stable, adjustable micro adjustment.

The MEDIUM series is created with 5 different platen sizes, available in two different materials. Fiberboard is ideal for low temperature production, whereas aluminum is suitable for production with spot dryers.

We recommend that you read the product description below before you configure your MEDIUM screen print carousel in the following configurator.

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The MEDIUM screen print carousel is manufactured on a module-based platform. This gives you the option of upgrading your MEDIUM screen print carousel and expanding it as your business expands. The platform allows a maximum of 6 screen print stations and 6 screen print arms.

This specific version has 6 print stations. Click here if you require 4 stations instead.


MEDIUM-space-requirementsAs illustrated, the MEDIUM carousel requires a 280 cm wide circle and another 100 cm of additional space at each screen print station. Both the screen print stations and screen print arms are mounted on rotational bases. These can both be moved freely towards the right or the left with a small push.

Due to limited space between the screen print arms, on the 6 colour version, the silk screens cannot exceed a maximal width of more than 62 cm and the constellation cannot be installed with Large or X-large side clamp unit.


Utilize the configurator above to order the unique version of the SMALL series that matches your exact production requirements. The different settings are described next.

Print arms:

Installation with MEDIUM micro registration and side clamps

The screen print arms are used to fixate and elevate the silk screens above the screen print platens. 1 screen print arm equals 1 colour. If you want to produce 4 colour prints you will need a MEDIUM carousel with 4 screen print arms.

Screen fixation:

We manufacture two types of screen clamps to accommodate your preferences concerning the stiffness of your silk screens.

Back clamp (E) for MEDIUM series - Front view

The back-clamp is very fast and flexible to operate, but require the silk screen frame to be quite  stiffbecause it only fixates the screen on the back side of the silk screen. Thick aluminum frames are recommended when operating with the back-screen clamps.

NOTE: If the MEDIUM carousel is acquired without micro registrations the back clamp is mounted on a micro registration mock-up.

Side clamp unit – 80mm distance - Top left side view

The side-clamps fix the silk screen on the sides of the silk screen frame. This adds stability to the frame and minimizes the silk screen stiffness requirements. Thinner aluminum frames or frames made by wood can be used when operating with the side-screen clamps. The maximum silk screen width is 62cm.

NOTE: If the 6 colour MEDIUM carousel is acquired without micro registrations the side clamp unit is mounted on a micro registration mock-up.


The back-screen and side-screen clamps can also be purchased with our high quality MEDIUM micro registration. This enhances the precision of your prints and it increases the speed of the calibration process. The silk screens can be easily adjusted into position using the three adjustment knobs on the MEDIUM micro registration.

It is a simple device that radically improves the quality and speed of print production.

Platen size:

Screen printing pallet – Fiberboard – Top side view

Platen size is dependent upon your specific production needs. We manufacture 5 different platen sizes for the MEDIUM screen print carousel.

These sizes are: 14x60cm / 20x60cm / 30x60cm / 40x60cm / 50x70cm.

Based on previous experiences we always recommend the 40x60cm platen to our new customers as a standard size. This specific size works very well with a variety of different production tasks.

Platen material:

Screen printing pallets – Aluminum - Top view

We manufacture five different platen sizes using two different materials: fiberboard or aluminum. We recommend using the aluminum platens if you intend to use one or more spot dryers to heat the wet prints before changing colours. If you do not intend to use a spot dryer we recommend the fiberboard platens to your MEDIUM screen print carousel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure of  how to assemble the product! Our expert team members are always happy to assist!

Additional information

Print arms?

4 colors, 6 colors

Screen Fixation?

Back-Clamp (E), Side-Clamps (Sc), Back clamp + micro adjustment (MaM/E), Side-Clamps + micro adjustment (MaM/Sc)

Platen size?

14x60cm – Sleeves, 20x60cm – T-Shirts, 30x60cm – T-Shirts, 40x60cm – T-Shirts, 50x70cm – T-Shirts

Platen material?

Fiberboard, Aluminum